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    Our Background

    Our Vision

    We are fully aware of the challenge of our increasingly difficult living environment.

    It seems that the looming world-wide crises such as environmental degradation, water pollution, food poisoning and food shortages... have arisen overnight.We have seen the need and have committed to bring about changes to the present situation.

    In fact, we have the right to choose for our land as we believe they should not fall victim to the greed of humanity.We start to think about how we can be kind to our land and produce healthy agricultural produce at the same time.

    Our Vision

    So we start dedicating ourselves to doing eco-agriculture.

    Inside Agape Love Garden, farm activity is not just a work.

    We believe our efforts, through the practice of natural farming. will bring about a better future for our society and the earth.

    "Organic" has become one of the hottest topics around the world nowadays.

    Concepts like LOHAS, green food and eco-products have become prevalent worldwide.

    The whole world is changing. Please join hands with us to make the world a better place in the future!

    Our Vision

    Welcome to Agape Love Garden which is a home full of love and hope for you and me.

    May the goodness of life starts from this place.